Breeding methods and precautions of emperor Guan

Jesse Pinkman
2020-09-07 08:27:32
Crown is also called crown peony, is a cactus in the treasures, potted plants can be decorated indoor beautification home. It's difficult to grow crown, so we need to pay special attention to it in the process of breeding. So, how should crown be raised?

Cultivation method of emperor Guan

Basin soil selection

As the root of the crown is relatively large, it is necessary to choose a deep flowerpot. Put some tiles on the bottom of the flowerpot to help drain the water. The sandy soil with good permeability can be used as the soil, and coarse sand, garden soil and rotten leaf soil can be mixed into a small amount of bone powder to form a medium, and then put into a basin.

Light and temperature

Emperor Guan likes to have plenty of tricks, but don't directly expose to the sun. The sun will not only affect the growth, but also cause discoloration. However, the cultivation emperor Guan can't pass the shade. The family cultivation emperor Guan can put the potted plants in the room with enough light, and pay attention to shade properly in the summer with strong sunlight. The suitable temperature for crown growth is between 5 ℃ - 30 ℃, and the temperature of day and night should be kept in a suitable range. Emperor Guandong likes cold and cool climate in winter, and the temperature for overwintering should not be lower than 5 ℃.

Watering and fertilization

The crown can be watered fully during its growth, but it doesn't like too wet environment. If there is water in the basin, it will easily lead to rotten roots. Basically, the soil should be kept in a proper dry and wet degree, not too dry and wet. Fertilization, basically once a month fertilization can be, pay attention to the basin on the first time to sprinkle some bone meal.

Culture method of imperial crown

Precautions for cultivation of Regan


It is difficult for crown to propagate, usually by sowing and grafting. In May and June, indoor pot sowing can be carried out, but the germination rate is low and the growth will be slow. Grafting was carried out in June and July, with a ruler or a ball of grass as the rootstock.

Pests and diseases

The disease of crown is mainly caused by anthrax and root rot, while the insect is mainly caused by spider, which can be controlled by drugs and ventilated in normal days.

Precautions for the cultivation of DiGuan

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