Who can't keep rubber trees

Saul Goodman
2021-06-24 08:55:48
Most people are suitable for raising rubber trees, but it is not recommended for those who have children at home. Rubber tree is toxic. It is harmless to human body under normal maintenance. The toxin only exists in the juice. Children have no ability to distinguish. They may eat rubber tree by mistake and cause poisoning. Rubber tree has many advantages at home, it has thick leaves, beautiful plant shape, good ornamental, and can purify the air, release oxygen, also has a good moral, very auspicious.

1、 Who can't raise rubber trees

Rubber trees can be raised by most people, but it is not recommended for those with children at home. Rubber trees are toxic. If you eat the juice in the leaves by mistake, you will be poisoned. Children's discrimination is poor, they often run around, and they are more likely to touch rubber trees. If they want to keep them at home, they'd better put them in places that children can't touch

2、 Benefits of keeping rubber trees at home

1. Good ornamental: rubber tree leaves thick, larger, wider, thick green, shiny, the whole plant is more beautiful, very ornamental. The rubber tree at home, can play a decorative role, can also make the home full of vitality, make people feel more happy

2. Air purification: rubber tree can play the role of air purification, can absorb harmful gases, purify fine dust, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen

3. The implication is very good: the implication of rubber tree is very good, also has a certain geomantic effect, very auspicious

3、 Key points of rubber tree maintenance at home

When rubber trees are maintained at home, they can keep enough light. They should be placed in the south window with sufficient light. In hot summer, they should pay attention to shading and sunscreen. Rubber trees like water and humidity. They need to be watered in time during the growth period to maintain sufficient water and spray water on the leaves and around to increase air humidity. Rubber trees like fertilizer, and can apply fertilizer every 15-20 days in the peak growing season

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