What are the shade tolerant plants with four seasons flowering

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2021-06-24 08:55:25
Four seasons flowering shade tolerant plants are Anthurium andraeanum, jatropha speciosa, bulbous orchid, Rieger Begonia, they are more shade tolerant, grow well in astigmatism, give reasonable maintenance, suitable growth environment, may achieve four seasons flowering, flowering constantly, strong ornamental, in maintenance, must avoid strong light. In addition, there are many shade tolerant flowers such as Hosta, Phalaenopsis, cinnabar, hydrangea, sizhao, etc.

1、 Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andraeanum is shade tolerant and likes to grow in astigmatism environment. It likes to be warm and needs sufficient water and fertilizer during the growth period. When it is properly maintained, it provides a suitable growth environment for Anthurium andraeanum. Anthurium andraeanum can bloom all the year round. In the usual maintenance, pay attention to avoid direct strong light, do not water at the root, and maintain good humidity, dry period can spray water around to humidify

2、 Big rock Tung

It can blossom all the year round, and has rich and gorgeous colors, with charming fragrance and high ornamental value. The shade tolerance of C. davidii is also relatively strong, and astigmatism can be seen frequently at ordinary times, and it is easy to be sunburned under strong light. During maintenance, keep the air humidity at about 60% and water the roots regularly. Pay attention not to splash the leaves when watering, otherwise it is easy to rot

3、 Bulbous orchid

Bulbous orchid has strong shade tolerance and tenacious vitality, and it is easy to blossom when raised in astigmatism. Although bulbous orchid can not bloom all the year round, it has strong flowering ability and beautiful flower type, which is very suitable for raising at home

4、 Rieger Begonia

Rieger Begonia is more shade tolerant, does not like strong light, maintain soft astigmatism irradiation, maintain appropriate temperature, Rieger Begonia can also achieve normal flowering all year round. During the maintenance period, attention should be paid to maintain good water, keep the soil slightly moist, avoid less or more water in the soil

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