Which is more meaty? The more you grow up, the better you look

Jane Margolis
2021-06-24 08:55:06
There are many succulent varieties that look better as they grow up, such as yanrihui. When they grow up, they are plump and colorful, and look full of vitality and beauty. There are also purple rice grains. When they grow up, the fleshy leaves are like plump purple pearls, like a string of pearl necklaces, and can open small pink flowers, with a long flowering period. In addition, there are Luna lotus, ruogeshi, lotus palm, flower leaf cold moon night, thousand Buddha hand, Jade Butterfly, Chihuahua, rainbow jade and so on.

1、 Bright day

Yanrihui is a kind of fleshy flower. The more it grows up, the more beautiful it will look. When yanrihui grows up, the plant is plump and the color is gorgeous, which gives people a feeling of vitality. Therefore, the flower language of yanrihui is vigorous, endless and warm love. Yan Rihui likes warm and dry growing environment, and is not resistant to cold

2、 Purple rice grain

After purple rice grows up, fleshy leaves are like purple pearls, which are connected together like a necklace, and can bloom when they grow up. The flowers are small pink flowers, which are very small and lovely, and have a long flowering period. From a distance, they are very beautiful and spectacular

3、 Luna Lin

When Luna lotus grows up, the color of its leaves is very beautiful. It changes with the light. Sometimes the color of its leaves is blue, sometimes it turns green, which is very colorful

4、 Ruoge Poetry

If Geshi's young seedling stage is relatively weak and common, and the plant type is not good-looking, with the growth, gradually grow up and mature, the stem of Geshi will become strong, the plant type is beautiful, and the leaf color will be more beautiful. When the temperature decreases, the leaf color will become red

5、 Lotus palm

Lianhuazhang is also a succulent variety that looks better when it grows up. As the plant grows up, it becomes more compact and plump

6、 Other plants

In addition, the longer the meat, the more beautiful there are flowers and leaves, cold moon night, thousand fingered Buddha, Jade Butterfly, Chihuahua, hongzhiyu and so on

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