How long to dry the roots for cutting?

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Durian tree is a tropical tree, suitable for growth in high temperature environment, the best planting area average daily temperature above 22 ℃. It can not withstand the cold, the temperature below 10 C will stop growing, or even frozen to death, need to be planted in frost-free areas throughout the year, so it is generally planted in the southern region, such as Hainan, Yunnan and other areas, the northern region can not be planted, should be based on the local climate to decide whether to plant.

1. How long to dry the roots of Nasturtium arborescens cutting

The roots of Nasturtium arborescens are usually dried for 1-3 days. The specific drying time can be judged by the incision of the stem and leaf of the plant. The branches of Nasturtium arborescens are cut into several small sections as cuttings.Ensure that the length of each section is 8-15cm, put the cuttings in a cool and ventilated place, and then take them for cuttage after the cuts on the branches are thoroughly air-dried.

2. how to cut the arrow lotus

Before cuttage, it is necessary to prepare loose and breathable nutrient soil, which can be prepared with humus soil and perlite, and wet the soil with water in advance, and the soil humidity should be "hand holding into a ball, touch it and disperse".Then insert the dried lotus into the wet soil vertically, gently compact the soil around the branches by hand, and move the potted plants to a cool and ventilated place.

After the soil is nearly completely dry, water the well cut Nasturtium arborescens, and after the Nasturtium arborescens takes root, move the potted plant to the sunshine to increase the light condition of the maintenance environment little by little.After weighing the weight of potting soil, feeling significantly lighter when watering, later with the growth of plants, gradually replace larger pots, appropriate topdressing, promote the vigorous growth of plants.

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