Is Piaoxiang Rattan suitable for keeping indoors?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Anshan belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, four seasons, abundant rain, so for most of the common plants, are more suitable for planting in Anshan. Uch as honeysuckle, elm leaf plum, tree Caragana, purple leaf plum, pearl plum, rose, clove, forsythia, Weigela, hibiscus, acacia, hydrangea, Parthenocissus, knot incense, cockscomb, onion orchid, lotus, water Lily, tulip, dahlia, chrysanthemum, Dutch chrysanthemum, poppy, crape myrtle, forsythia, wintersweet, rose, Daphne and the like.

1. Is it suitable for indoor maintenance

Piaoxiangteng is suitable to be raised indoors. Although it is a plant of the Apocynaceae family and has certain toxicity, it exists in the juice. If it is only used as an ornamental plant, it is not harmful to the human body and will not affect people's lives.It is climbing plant, can make potted breed indoors, can regard adornment as the plant is cultivated, can raise to climb along on the balcony, its florescence is very long, after waiting for a flower to open, ornamental sex is very good, still can send out fragrance, can form a beautiful scenery line.Fragrant rattan has strong resistance, simple maintenance, no need to spend too much energy to take care of, but also can absorb harmful substances in the air, improve air quality.

2. Precautions

1. Prevent eating by mistake: The juice of the fragrant vine is toxic. Therefore, if there are children or small animals at home, you must pay attention to avoid being eaten by mistake. You can keep it in a place where they can't touch it.If you accidentally eat by mistake, you must be sent to the doctor in time for treatment.

2. Wear gloves to trim: When trimming the fragrant vines, you need to wear gloves to trim them. Do not directly contact the juice of the fragrant vines to avoid skin burning.

Piperis japonica

3. Fragrance and pollen stimulation: Some people will feel uncomfortable with the strong fragrance of flowers, and some people will be allergic to pollen. For such people, it is not suitable to breed fragrant vines at home to avoid causing physical discomfort.

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