When does the Luoyang peony flower open?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Songyuan belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate, with distinct seasons and warm climate, so most common plants are more suitable for planting in Songyuan. For example, clove, yellow rose, crabapple, forsythia, rose, Spiraea, Weigela, azalea, pearl plum, wood hydrangea, canna, Sedum, phlox, day Lily, carnation, iris, gladiolus, sage, lotus peony, hosta, evening primrose, black heart chrysanthemum, marigold, white clover, mountain chastetree, peony, peony and so on.

1. When is it open

Luoyang peony is famous far and near, which blooms in April and May every year, and can be divided into early, middle and late types, and the flowering time of different varieties is early or late.From April 10 to April 20, this period is the peak flowering period, but also the best viewing period, the flowers are colorful, graceful, ornamental is very high, Luoyang Peony Festival is also just opening, you can choose this time to watch.Flowering time is not fixed, it will change according to the climate and cultivation methods of that year, sometimes the spring temperature is generally high, flowering time will be ahead of schedule.Flowers open for a short time, about 10 days or so will gradually fade.

2. Florescence Management of Peony

1. Provide astigmatism: The peony flowers should not be exposed to the sun during the flowering period, nor should they be in the shade without light, and astigmatism irradiation should be provided.

2. Flower thinning and bud thinning: If the number of flowers in the current year is large and the flower potential is good, we must do a good job of flower thinning and bud thinning. Thinning out the small buds can also make the remaining flowers bloom better.When the flowering is over, the residual flowers can be cut off in time, which can reduce nutrient consumption and make the remaining flowers open longer.


3. Avoid watering: Permeable watering should be done before flowering, and watering should be controlled when flowering is about to occur.During the flowering period, water must not be sprayed on the leaves and flowers, otherwise the flowering period will be shortened and the flowers will wither easily.

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