Difference between poplar catkin and willow catkin

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. Difference

1. Different sources: poplar catkins grow from poplar trees. They belong to the seeds of poplar trees. When poplar flowers mature and crack, they will fly out. Poplar flowers have no dense glands and cannot secrete nectar to attract insects to spread pollen. They can only spread pollen by wind. They belong to wind-pollinated flowers.Catkins grow from willow, although very similar, but the source is different, it is the seed of willow.Willow belongs to unisexual flowers, without perianth, but with nectaries, which can attract insects to spread pollen by nectar, belonging to insect-borne flowers.

2. Appearance time is different: poplar catkins generally appear first and can last for a week.Catkins appear later, usually after the poplar catkins.

3, different texture: poplar flocculent cohesion to some strong, can group up, feel like cotton.The fiber of willow catkins is more delicate, more dispersed and gentle.


4. The propagation distance is different: most of the poplar catkins are in clumps, a little heavier, and the propagation distance is shorter.Catkins are lighter and can travel farther with the wind.

2. How to suppress flocculation

The appearance of poplar catkins and willow catkins will have a certain impact on people's lives.If you want to solve the problem of flying catkins, you can cut them down directly and plant other trees without flying catkins.Can also be inject with a medicament, so that that production of seeds can be inhibit, and the occurrence of flying catkins can be avoided.You can also plant only male trees, which do not bear seeds and fly catkins.

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