What is the difference between Chinese cherry blossoms and Japanese cherry blossoms?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. Flowering time

There are many varieties of Chinese cherry blossoms, so the flowering time is not fixed, some varieties blossom early, some varieties may be slightly later.Generally speaking, the peak flowering period of Chinese cherry blossoms is from March to April every year, which is similar to that of other cherry blossoms.Flowering time may also be affected by regional climate, with earlier flowering in warm areas and later flowering in areas where temperatures rise slowly.Chinese cherry blossoms blossom for a short time, about only open about two weeks, and then gradually wither.

What is the difference between Japanese cherry blossoms

1. Different varieties: The main difference between Chinese cherry blossom and Japanese cherry blossom is the difference in varieties. Although both of them belong to cherry blossom, one is widely distributed in China and the other is widely distributed in Japan. There are distinct differences in varieties.

2. Different colors: The colors of Chinese cherry blossoms are mostly white, while those of Japanese cherry blossoms are mostly pink. However, the distinction is not obvious from this point, and it is only used as a simple reference.


3, flowering period is different: Chinese cherry blossoms in the wild cherry blossoms mostly grow in the mountains, flowering period is relatively short, after a period of time on the withered.Japanese cherry blossoms have been cultivated, so they have a longer flowering period and a longer ornamental period.

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