Is the pothos poisonous to cats? Can cats smell the pothos?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Aloe vera is usually an ornamental leaf plant, but it can also blossom, but it is relatively rare. Aloe is not to be able to blossom, also not be all the time can blossom, only the aloe that grows 3 years above just can come true to blossom, do not have fixed how long to open, a year can open only, florescence is in every year in may the left and right sides. Aloe blossom is a good omen, in order to promote flowering, need to provide good light and soil conditions, maintain good temperature, do a good job of water and fertilizer management.

1. is the green radish poisonous to cats

Scindapsus aureus is a plant of the Araceae family, and most of the plants in this family are poisonous.Scindapsus aureus is no exception, with a certain degree of toxicity.Its toxicity is concentrated in the juice of the body, and human beings may be poisoned by eating or touching its juice by mistake.For cats, the green radish is also slightly toxic.If eaten by mistake, cats may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, salivation, dysphagia and other adverse reactions.

2. cats can smell green Luo

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to give cats the smell of green radish.Although the smell of green radish is not toxic and the cat will not be poisoned after smelling it, the cat may want to eat it after smelling the smell of green radish, which will make the cat poisoned.So it's better not to give cats the smell of green radish, lest they eat poisoning by mistake.

3. there is a cat at home can keep green Luo?

If there is a cat in the house, it is not recommended to raise green radish.In addition, other plants that are toxic to cats, such as azaleas, periwinkles, hydrangeas, irises, variegated trees, evergreens, ivy, hyacinths and so on, are not recommended.If you want to keep it, it is recommended to keep it on a closed balcony, or other places where cats can not go, so as not to eat poisoning by mistake.

Green dill

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