The effect of pothos and action, raise pothos poisonous in the home?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Hibiscus flower leaves will be taken down directly on the plant is not viable, at least there must be branches and leaves to do. If you want to propagate hibiscus flowers, you can use cutting method, select strong and tender branches and insert them in suitable matrix, then you can cultivate new plants. It can also be sowed in spring, and attention should be paid to germination before sowing, so as to promote faster growth of seedlings. In addition, it can also be propagated separately, directly cutting small stem buds with roots from the side of the mother plant, and planting them separately.

1. Efficacy and Function of Scindapsus aureum

1. Decorative environment: The leaves of the green radish are broad, plump and green. They look luxuriant and very lovely.When breeding, it can be placed at home, which can play a better decorative role, decorate the home and make the home environment more beautiful.

2. Purify the air: Green radish can be used to purify the air.If you maintain a pot of green radish at home, like installing an air purifier at home, you can absorb some harmful gases and release oxygen to make the air fresher.

3, regulate the body and mind: at home to maintain a pot of green radish, can feel its vitality and vitality.Go to work a day to be able to arrive home, see its green appearance, vigorous posture can adjust body and mind, let exhausted body and mind alleviate a lot.

4. Oil fume absorption: The green radish can be placed in the kitchen during maintenance. It can play the role of absorbing oil fume, reduce the smoke in the kitchen, and make the kitchen environment cleaner and more sanitary.

2. is it poisonous to raise green radish at home

Scindapsus aureus is slightly toxic, the toxicity is mainly reflected in the juice, normal maintenance will not be a problem, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.However, when maintaining at home, if there are children at home, we should pay attention to the location, not in the place where children can touch, to avoid eating by mistake, which has an impact on health.

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