What's the difference between cauliflower and broccoli? Are they the same thing?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. Different Types

Although cauliflower and broccoli are both cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower belongs to the subspecies cauliflower, also known as broccoli, cauliflower and so on.

Broccoli is native to Italy. It is a subspecies of broccoli. It has many other names, such as broccoli, broccoli, and cauliflower.

2. different appearance

The color of cauliflower is milky white, sometimes a little yellow.Cauliflower can be seen above the obvious block, part of the part gathered together.

Broccoli is very different from cauliflower in color. It is mainly green and sometimes purplish green.The surface is relatively dispersed, not clumped.

3. Different leaves

In addition to the most obvious differences in the surface, the leaves are also different.The leaf color of cauliflower is gray-green, and there are fine tooth-like cracks on the edge of the leaf.

The color of broccoli leaves is blue-green in the later period, which is darker than that of cabbage leaves and can be easily distinguished, which is more obvious.


4. taste different

The main method of cauliflower is stir-fried food, but also can be made into kimchi, taste more strong.

The color of broccoli is bright, suitable for stir-fried or cold to eat, taste relatively light, and high nutritional value, you can choose according to your preferences.

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