How to raise poisonous grass in winter? Will it freeze to death?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchids are susceptible to some diseases, which may cause leaf cracks, such as leaf spot, downy mildew, etc. After infection, spots will appear on the leaves, then dry up due to lack of water, and gradually crack in the middle of the leaves, leading to cracks on the leaves. After the orchid contracts a disease, must cut off morbidity's leaf, after the investigation clear disease prompt spraying treatment. In addition to the causes of disease, leaf cracking may also be caused by pests, fertilizer damage, external damage and other reasons.

1. how to raise poisonous weeds in winter

1. Provide sufficient light: Poison killer is a kind of plant that likes sunshine.In winter, it is recommended to put it in a place where the sun can shine directly.This will allow it to receive more light, which is conducive to its winter.

2. Prevent the plant from freezing: In winter, the drug grass should be raised in a place where the temperature is above 0 .If the plant is planted in the field, it should be covered with film to keep warm, so as not to freeze it.

3. Temporarily stop pruning: Because the poisonous weeds usually grow faster, they are usually pruned regularly to keep them in good plant type and growth state.But it grows slowly in winter, so you can stop pruning temporarily and cut it off only when there are bad branches and leaves on it.

4. Reduce the frequency of watering: In winter, the frequency of watering the poisonous weeds should be reduced appropriately.Because of the low temperature in winter, it grows slowly and does not need much water.Overwatering is likely to cause waterlogging and growth problems.

2. Will the poisonous weeds freeze to death in winter

Toxic weeds have a certain degree of cold tolerance, but can not tolerate extreme low temperatures.If it is placed in a place where the temperature is below 0 C in winter, it may be frostbitten and grow poorly.If it is kept in a cold place for a long time without taking measures to keep it warm, it may be frozen to death.

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