The breed aquatics method of grain petal plane tree flower, how to prune blossom

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchid leaves spiral twist, to find out the reason for adjustment. If it is due to the influence of varieties, it belongs to heredity, and there is no need for intervention. If it is the cause of improper watering, water shortage should be timely watering, watering too much to cut off rotten roots, so that the plant to restore the normal function of water transport. If it is the cause of infection of pests and diseases, need to do a good job of prevention, found pests and diseases, to timely spraying treatment.

1. Culture method of Platanus orientalis

1. Illumination: Platanus orientalis has a certain shade tolerance, but prefers to grow in an environment with sufficient light.When you raise it, you need to put it in a good lighting position to raise it, so that it can receive light.

2. Temperature: Platanus orientalis is a kind of flower that likes warm environment and does not like high temperature and low temperature.In the spring and autumn growing season, the temperature should be controlled between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius.In winter, the temperature should be kept above 3 C to avoid being frozen.

3. Watering: It likes to grow in slightly wet soil and will not grow well in long dry soil.Therefore, when raising it, we need to water it regularly and wet its soil to ensure that it can absorb the necessary water, so as to maintain a good growth state.

4. Fertilization: Fertilization is not needed in winter.When it is in the growing season, it needs to apply compound fertilizer with high nitrogen content every half month or so.When it approaches the flowering period, it is necessary to stop applying nitrogen fertilizer and apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote its bud growth.

2. how to prune and blossom the plane tree flower

In order to make the plane Campanula bloom smoothly, it is necessary to cut off the unhealthy branches in time when it is in the growing season to save nutrients.In addition, if the plant grows very luxuriantly, it also needs to cut off some unnecessary lateral branches to save nutrients and ensure that the plant can blossom normally.

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