The difference between Cheng Mei and Da Yipin, which is better?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Spring orchid leaves dry, may be caused by root rot, at this time to take off the pot, and then trim the root, and then re-pot. It may also be caused by too strong light, so it can be remedied by shielding, of course, it can also be directly moved. In addition, it is caused by some diseases, such as anthrax and so on, so it is necessary to pick off the dry leaves and spray pesticides to control them.

1. Difference

1. Different leaves: Cheng Mei and Da Yipin are somewhat similar, but they are different.From the leaves, although more beautiful, but Cheng Mei's leaves appear slightly larger and wider, about 45-50 cm in length, about 1-1.5 cm in width, careful observation, the edge of the leaf serrated is also more obvious, looks thicker and more prominent.The leaves of the big one are relatively small and narrow, the length is about 40-50 centimeters, the width is only about 0.8-1 centimeters, and the serrations are relatively small.

2, flowers are different: Cheng Mei and big one flower shape is not the same, Cheng Mei for the red shell is plum petal, its lip is swallowing tongue in the dragon, in the tongue with bright red spots.The flowers of Da Yipin are very large, about 6-7 centimeters in diameter, and the lip is a large tongue.

3, different flower stems: from the flower stems can also be distinguished, Cheng Mei's flower stems are stronger and taller, and the flower stems of the big one are thinner and softer.

4. The time of discovery is different: Although the history of Cheng Mei and Da Yipin is more than 200 years, the discovery of Da Yipin is slightly later than that of Cheng Mei.

2. Which is better

Both Cheng Mei and Da Yipin are very ornamental, and they are mainly chosen according to their own preferences. The quantity of Da Yipin is large, so the price is a little lower. The quantity of Cheng Mei is small, and the supply exceeds the demand, so the price is expensive.

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