The traveler banana and the bird of paradise are different, which is better to raise?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Check the plant: After the ivy is bought, check its growth condition first to confirm whether the root is damaged. Proper pruning: If the leaves are found to be yellow, it is necessary to cut off in time, and cut off the excess branches, which is also conducive to growth. Watering: Watering the right amount is good, not too much, you can also use a small watering can to spray water on the plant. Environment: It is necessary to cultivate in a place where the light is not strong, avoid exposure to strong light, and pay attention to maintaining ventilation.

1. Difference between the two

1. Different species: Traveler's banana and bird of paradise are two different kinds of trees.Among them, the traveler's banana belongs to the traveler's banana family, while the bird of paradise belongs to the Strelitzia genus of the traveler's bananas family, so it belongs to two different species in the same category, and the branches are different.

2. Different shapes: the traveler banana is relatively tall, and the trunk height can reach between 5 and 30 meters.Its leaves resemble large plicate fans, are leathery, and the inflorescences are axillary.It not only blossoms every year, but also bears fruit.And the paradise is a vegetation, the growth will be more dwarf.When it blooms, it is brightly colored and the flowers are spathelike.

3. Different values: Traveler banana is a large tree species, which can store a lot of water, can be used to quench the thirst of visitors, and can also be used as a large ornamental tree species.Strelitzia is evergreen all the year round, with high ornamental value, but mostly planted in flower arrangement, and some also do potted conservation.

2. which is better to raise

The overall growth habits of the traveler banana and the bird of paradise are very similar, and both like a warm and sunny growth environment.But it's easier to raise a traveler's banana.Its ability to withstand high temperatures is stronger than the bird of paradise, can endure the high temperature of 30 degrees, more worry in summer.But the bird of paradise's high temperature resistance and the cold resistance ability are very bad, when maintenance needs to add the heart to go.

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