The distinction of loose end sunflower and pocket coconut, which good raise?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Gladiolus is gladiolus, planted in loose and fertile soil, each time before planting, to plough and fertilize, in the soil mixed with farm manure such as pig manure, chicken manure and so on. Gladiolus gladiolus is sun-loving. When it is planted on the ground, it should be planted in a place where there is no building to block the light. The buds of the seeds should be buried in the soil with the roots upward and downward. The thickness of the covering soil should be 5-10cm. After planting, the soil is compacted by hand, and the gladiolus can grow and blossom by itself.
< H2 style = "text-align: left;" > I. Differences

1. Different in shape: This genus is a tufted shrub, usually 2-5 m tall, with a swollen base.The pocket coconut is an evergreen shrub, relatively strong, shorter and smaller, potted management plant height will not exceed 1 meter.In addition, it has no branches and grows upright.

2. Different leaves: The leaves of Abelmoschus manihot are pinnately divided, relatively wide, usually 30-50 cm long and 1.2-2 cm wide, and the color is yellow-green.The leaf lobes of the mini coconut are lanceolate and dark green.It's about 14-22 centimeters long and 2-3 centimeters wide, and if you put them together, it's obvious.

3, flowers are different: Abelmoschus manihot blossoms are conical catkins, the color is golden yellow, the overall ovoid.The pocket coconut is a spadix inflorescence, the color is yellow, the overall globular.Although they all belong to foliage plants, if they blossom, they can see obvious differences and can be easily distinguished.


2. which good health

Abelmoschus manihot and Cocos nucifera are both tropical plants, and their overall maintenance methods are almost the same, and they are both relatively easy to raise.When breeding, we should pay attention to the convenience of temperature, not cold-resistant, and move indoors and control the temperature in winter.In addition, we should pay attention to the amount of watering in peacetime, not too much, nor water shortage.

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