The difference between Buddha beads and lover's tears, which is easy to raise?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to make the leaves of tiger orchid greener, you need to keep its leaves growing well. It is suggested that it should be kept in a well-ventilated place with sufficient but not strong light, and that it should receive more scattered light when it is in the growing season. In addition, some fertilizers, preferably foliar fertilizers, need to be applied in time to provide nutrients for its leaves. In this way, its leaves can grow greener and greener.

1. the difference between Buddha beads and lover's tears

There is no difference between Buddha beads and lover's tears.It is one kind of dicotyledonous plant class rose subclass chrysanthemum order Compositae Senecio genus plant, Chinese literature name is the pearl chlorophytum.It has a lot of alias, Buddha beads chlorophytum, lover's tears, green bell, emerald beads, green bell are its common nickname.Because they are the same kind of plant, there is no difference, and the difficulty of breeding is also some.

2. the cultivation method of Buddha beads (Valentine's tears)

1. Sunshine: It is a kind of plant that likes sunshine. Except that the strong light at noon in summer can not be directly accepted, it can be placed in a place with sufficient light for breeding at other times.This will make its leaves grow more plump.If it lacks light for a long time, its leaves will become shriveled and dim, and its ornamental value will be reduced.

2. Temperature: During curing, the temperature should be controlled between 20 and 28 .Such temperature conditions can make it grow faster and better.In winter, we need to keep warm and not let the temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.Or it'll freeze.

3. Watering: It is relatively drought-resistant, but it should not be maintained in a dry environment for a long time.While it is in its growing season, watering every 4 days or so is recommended.Every time you water, you need to water the soil thoroughly, but do not let the soil accumulate water.

4. Fertilization: It likes fertilizer. When it grows faster in spring and autumn, it needs to be fertilized twice a month.Fertilizers need to choose compound fertilizers with high nitrogen content.After diluting them, pour them into the soil.

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