Is Crab Claw orchid put in the bedroom poisonous, put in what position good?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Scallion is usually planted by planting balls, which can be planted in October and November. Seed balls should be selected as large, full and full as possible, the aging skin should be stripped clean, soaked in carbendazim solution for disinfection, and fished out and dried after about two or three minutes. The soil suitable for growth is prepared, the soil is combed and leveled, and the seed balls are planted in the soil. After planting, pour enough water into the pot and put it in a cool place.

1. is it poisonous in the bedroom

Crab claw orchid itself is not any toxic plant, placed in the bedroom is also non-toxic.Not only that, it also releases oxygen and absorbs some carbon dioxide when it breathes at night, which is good for our health.In addition, it has the function of reducing noise and absorbing radiation.From its growth point of view, it likes warm environment, the temperature of the bedroom will generally be higher, which is also beneficial to growth, so from these aspects, it is very suitable for the bedroom.

2. Where to put it?

1, balcony: crab claw orchid like light, from its growth point of view, on the balcony is also better, can be more basking in the sun, growth will be more exuberant.In this way, more flowers will blossom in the flowering period, the color of the flowers will be more colorful, and the flowering period will be prolonged.However, we should pay attention to the strong light in summer to block or avoid it in time, not to insolate.

2. Living room: It is also suitable to put it in the living room. The living room has a good ventilation environment and is placed in a place with astigmatism. Such an environment is not only conducive to growth, but also can decorate the home and beautify the indoor environment.

3, study: Besides bedroom, balcony and sitting room, still can put it inside the study.Had better be the electric equipment side of the study, it can absorb radiation and harmful gas, can bring more healthy environment to us.

3. Precautions

No matter where it is placed during the cultivation period, we should pay attention to more ventilation, let it bask in the sun more, and provide a suitable temperature environment, so that it will grow more vigorously and play a better role.

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