Tea plum and camellia distinction, which is easier to raise?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The rust spots on the leaves of Ficus sylvestris may be caused by too high temperature and humidity. There will be fingernail-sized spots on the leaves in the early stage, which will slowly expand in the later stage, and finally there will be spots on the whole leaves, which will dry up and fall, endangering growth. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them as soon as possible after discovery, and the diseased leaves should be cut off to prevent continued infection. When it is serious, it is necessary to spray, change soil and pots, and re-maintain. In addition, preventive work should be done well in maintenance.

1. the difference between tea plum and tea flower

1, plant type difference: camellia plant type is relatively tall, generally grow higher than the tea plum.In addition, the stems and branches of camellia will grow more robust, while the stems and branches of camellia will grow relatively small.

2. Leaf difference: The leaves of camellia are relatively thin and the leaf area is relatively large.Its length is usually between 5-10 cm and its width is usually between 2.5-5 cm.The leaves of Camellia sinensis are relatively thick and the leaf area is relatively small.Its length is usually between 3-5 cm and its width is usually between 2-3 cm.

3. Different flowers: Most of the flowers of camellia and camellia are red, but the number of bracts and sepals of the two flowers is different.Camellia has about 10 bracts and sepals, while Camellia sinensis has only 6-7 bracts and sepals.

4. Different fruits: The fruits of the two plants are capsules, round in shape, but different in size.The capsule diameter of camellia is between 2.5-3cm, which is relatively large.The capsule diameter of Camellia sinensis is between 1.5 and 2 cm, which is relatively small.

2. tea plum and camellia which is easier to raise

In contrast, the cultivation of tea plum is less difficult than that of camellia.There are two main reasons for this.First, tea plum has relatively low environmental requirements, and has better environmental adaptability than camellia.Second, the resistance of tea plum to pests and diseases is higher than that of camellia, and the probability of pests and diseases is lower during maintenance.

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