The distinction of peach egg and peach beauty, how can raise a state?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Camellia oleifera or camellia seedlings are often used as rootstocks in camellia grafting. The grafting time is from Qingming to Mid-Autumn Festival, usually in June and July. Choose a healthy and disease-free plant, cut a branch, keep a quarter of the leaves, at the same time, the bud eyes should be full, cut the bottom obliquely, expose the cambium, cut a hole between the bark and the cambium, insert the scion and tie it firmly.

1. Difference

1. Leaf shape: The peach egg belongs to the genus Pachyphyllum, and the leaves are in an alternate state.From the shape of a single leaf, the peach egg leaf is relatively round, belongs to the sphere, the top of the leaf does not have a small tip, looks meaty.Peach beauty belongs to Graptopetalum, the leaves are whorled, the individual leaves are obovate, the tip of the leaf has a small tip, not so round.

2. Leaf color: In terms of leaf color, the leaves of peach eggs are covered with a thick layer of powder frost, which is relatively pink and tender, and the color looks very pink, very much like rose.The frost powder on the leaf surface of peach beauty is a little less, and the color tends to be purple-pink.

3, flower distinction: peach egg and peach beauty can blossom, flower respect also has distinction, the flower shape of peach egg is star shape, color appears for yellow and red alternate distribution.Ometimes having an orange-yellow color.The flowers of Peach Beauty are bell-shaped and red in color.

2. how to raise the state

Both peach eggs and peach beauties are succulent plants. In order to be raised in a state, it is necessary to provide loose and breathable sandy soil and maintain good drainage.Adequate sunshine, appropriate water and fertilizer are given in the usual maintenance, and appropriate temperature is maintained, with a certain temperature difference.

Peach Egg

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