Breeding Methods and Points for Attention of Jasminum tigrinum

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
In addition to shading in summer, domestic Rieger Begonia can be exposed to the sun in other seasons to ensure that the maintenance temperature is 10-28 C, the temperature is low and less watering, the temperature is moderate, and the soil surface is observed to be white, dry and thoroughly watered. The occurrence of diseases and insect pests can be prevented by topdressing balanced fertilizer water of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in growth period, switching to phosphorus and potassium before flowering, applying thin fertilizer frequently, ventilating more in peacetime, and removing old leaves and diseased leaves in time.

1. Soil Selection

Tiger-head jasmine is a kind of flower plant that is not easy to maintain, so care should be taken in maintenance and management at ordinary times.The soil needs to provide loose and breathable, good drainage, and can be used to mix garden soil with decomposed sawdust.Its disease resistance is not strong, so the soil should be disinfected after preparation to completely remove the bacteria and eggs inside.

2. abundant sunshine

Providing sufficient sunshine can promote the growth of tiger head jasmine, which can be kept on the balcony with good light during the normal growth period, and fully exposed to the sunshine, which can promote the growth and vigorous flowering.However, the situation in summer is very special, we need to do a good job of shading measures to avoid direct light irradiation.

3. Timely watering

Tiger-head jasmine likes to be wet, but it is more afraid of water accumulation, so it must pay attention to good watering methods. When it is raised in the sun during the growing period, it can give water in time to meet the demand for water.Especially in summer, the temperature is hot, the evaporation speed is very fast, you can water one day, late autumn to winter will begin to control water.Each watering needs to be thoroughly watered, the amount of water should be well controlled, and excessive water accumulation should not be produced.

4. Reasonable fertilization

In order to ensure the growth and flowering of jasmine, fertilization should be timely and reasonable, the growth period can be once a month, organic fertilizer or slow-release compound fertilizer can be selected, the concentration can not be too high.In addition to root fertilization, foliar fertilizer is sprayed once a month.

5. Precautions

Tiger head jasmine is a variant variety, so the ability to resist diseases and insect pests is very poor, usually more ventilation, pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.

Common jasmine with tiger head

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