Cultivation Methods and Points for Attention of Four Seasons Rhododendron

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil: Ashleaf maple prefers to grow in fertile sandy loam soil. Moisture: The amount of watering should be well controlled, not too much, can thoroughly irrigate the soil. The frequency of watering should also be well controlled, usually about twice a week. Nutrients: You need topdressing during the growing season. When fertilizing, it should be as far away from the roots as possible to avoid root burns. Illumination: It likes the light, the environment illumination is sufficient, may cause its branch leaf to grow more full thick.

1. Matrix

Rhododendron sempervirens has a higher requirement for soil, and it is best to use red soil for cultivation.The PH value of laterite should be controlled just right, not too high or too low, otherwise it is not conducive to the growth of four seasons Rhododendron.

2. Illumination

The four seasons cuckoo likes the sufficient sunlight, the summer may not insolate under the high temperature, should give the shelter.When flowering, we should also do a good job of light protection, and during flowering, we can not expose to the sun, otherwise it will affect the quality of flowers.

3. Nutrients

In the process of growth, appropriate nutrient supplements should be given.To apply less fertilizer each time, the number of fertilization can be increased appropriately, and fertilizer can not be used in high temperature in summer.

4. Moisture

Four Seasons Rhododendron can be watered twice a day, autumn and winter to try to control the number of watering, spring and summer to pay attention to watering it, and then give water supplement.Watering to water tap water, it is best to store about two days, and then watering.

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