Clivia miniata flower period, Clivia miniata flower photo

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
The yellow leaves of the beauty plum may be caused by insect pests and diseases. At this time, insecticides should be sprayed in time to kill insects. Spraying low concentration insecticide early in spring and autumn can play a role in insect control. It may also be caused by insufficient light. At this time, artificial illumination can be used to increase its light receiving time. It may also be caused by excessive water accumulation. At this time, the accumulated water in the basin should be discharged in time, and the frequency of watering should be reduced appropriately.

1. Clivia florescence

The flowering period of Clivia miniata is generally between February and April in spring, and it can only bloom once a year, but it can be extended by artificial adjustment.However, because of the differences in planting areas and planting methods, the flowering time of Clivia is not fixed, and some will blossom in June and July in summer.However, the growth cycle of Clivia is relatively long, generally need to breed four or five years before flowering, but if it is well raised, it can also bloom once in two or three years.

2. Flowering maintenance method

Fertilization: Clivia will consume a lot of nutrients during the flowering period, which needs to be supplemented in time.Flowering fertilization can not apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, only once or twice to ensure that the buds can grow normally.

Illumination: During the flowering period of Clivia miniata, it must be given sufficient light, which is not only conducive to its branches and leaves for photosynthesis, but also to promote the growth of buds.But pay attention to the intensity of light, strong light will make its flowers more colorful, but the flowering period will be shortened.Low light will make the flowering period slightly longer, but the color of the flowers will be lighter.

Moisture: Clivia miniata also has a relatively large demand for water after flowering. It is necessary to provide sufficient water for the plant and ensure that the humidity of the soil is not less than 60%.

Temperature: Keep the temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature must not be lower than 10 degrees Celsius.

3. Clivia flowering picture appreciation

Clivia miniata

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