Gardenia leaves in winter? Gardenia pictures

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. Gardenia leaves in winter?

Gardenia is an evergreen shrub, generally speaking, even in winter it will not shed leaves, leaves will continue to maintain its green state.But there will be a batch of old leaves falling before winter, so don't worry about it.It is only possible that after winter in some areas, the leaves of the plants will fall off because of the low temperature.If it is in the area where the temperature is not too low, the problem of gardenia leaf loss may be due to the problem of maintenance methods, which need to be adjusted in time.

2. Gardenia how to care in winter

Keep warm: In winter, the outside temperature will be very low, so move the gardenia indoors for maintenance.If left outside, it may cause frostbite to the plant.Try to raise the indoor temperature, keep it around 5-10 degrees, the lowest is not more than 5 degrees, so that gardenia can safely winter.It should be noted that plants should not be placed next to radiators or air conditioners, which will be harmful to the growth of plants.

Control watering: In winter, the root activity of the plant will be reduced, and the demand for water will be reduced a lot, so control watering.Basically, it can be watered once a month, as long as the soil is not hardened, and if the soil is dry, it should be replenished in time.

Enhanced light: Gardenia is suitable for growing in warmer places.It has a certain demand for sunshine, even in winter, try to provide it with enough light, at least four hours a day.It can be placed on the balcony with indoor light.

Keep ventilation: In winter, the room is generally warm, and because it is too cold outside, windows are seldom opened for ventilation, resulting in hot environment and poor air circulation, which is not conducive to the growth of plants.We should try to open windows at noon when the weather is better to promote air circulation.

3. Photo of Gardenia


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