How often and when does the clivia bloom?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. how long does the clivia flower

Clivia is not a difficult plant to flower.Generally, seedlings grown from seeds need only 3-4 years of cultivation to grow 14-18 leaves and flowers.If the seedlings are cultivated by means of division and cuttage, the time needed for flowering is shorter.Generally, it can blossom after 1-2 years of cultivation.

2. When does the clivia bloom

Clivia is a plant with a long flowering period.Normally, it blooms in spring and autumn, that is, from February to May every year.With normal maintenance, its flowers can bloom for 3-4 months.If it is well maintained, it can blossom 2-3 times a year, almost all the year round.

3. How to make Clivia bloom many times

1. Soil selection: If you want it to bloom many times a year, you must ensure that the soil for raising it is breathable and soft enough.In spring, soil can be changed for it, and its nutrient soil can be made by mixing rotten leaf soil, peanut shell, river sand and garden soil.

2. Temperature control: It can be kept in an environment above 25 during the day to keep warm.At night, it can be placed in a relatively cold place to keep the temperature around 10 degrees Celsius.Such a temperature difference between day and night can stimulate it to grow flower arrows and blossom.

3. Fertilizer after flowering: After it has finished flowering, it can be properly fertilized to supplement its nutrition.This will allow it to accumulate more nutrients and blossom as soon as possible.

4. Keep ventilation: It is easier to grow and blossom in a well-ventilated environment.When curing, it is recommended to ventilate it frequently.

Clivia miniata

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