Gardenia leaves in winter? Gardenia pictures

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. Gardenia leaves in winter?

Gardenia is an evergreen plant, under normal circumstances in the autumn and winter season is not deciduous.Its leaves will remain on the plant, spend the winter with it, and return to growth in the next spring.However, this is a case where the environment is more appropriate.If in winter, no measures are taken to keep warm, so that the temperature of the environment where it is raised becomes too low, it will lead to poor growth, and some leaves will fall off the plant.If the situation is more serious, its leaves may fall off.

2. how to raise gardenia in winter

1. Temperature: It is afraid of cold. In winter, the temperature around it should be controlled above 10 . The temperature should not be lower than 5 . Otherwise, it will be frozen and there will be growth problems.

2. Sunshine: In winter, you can put it in a place where it can be exposed to the sun all day, and receive more sunshine.This allows it to synthesize more nutrients and raise the temperature around it, which is very beneficial for it to survive the winter.

3, watering: In winter, must not be too much watering.At this time, it grows slowly, water demand is low, excessive watering will lead to water accumulation in the soil, which will lead to its root rot.Usually every 20 days or so can be watered.

4. Fertilization: In winter, it will stop growing.At this time, it only needs a small amount of nutrients to maintain its life.The nutrients synthesized through photosynthesis and absorbed from the soil can meet its needs.So there is no need to fertilize at this time.

3. Picture appreciation

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