Gardenia blossom a few times a year, gardenia is evergreen four seasons?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want Rhododendron to blossom continuously, you should pay attention to the amount of watering can not be too large, the soil is wet, watering words should be thoroughly watered. Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied during the growing period, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied when flowering, and fertilization should be stopped in winter. And after it blossoms, prune off the residual flowers, dead branches, residual branches and so on. If the leaves are dry, you need to find out the reasons according to the daily maintenance, if you are short of water, you should replenish more water, and if there are pests and diseases, you should use drugs as soon as possible.

Flowering several times a year

Generally, gardenias raised at home will bloom only once a year, rarely twice, and in most cases, they will not bloom again this year after withering.However, if the surrounding environment is suitable for growth and proper maintenance and management, it may achieve a second flowering, which is rare.Varieties will also affect the number of flowering, four seasons gardenia can open two flowers a year, big leaf gardenia generally can only open one flower a year.Now through greenhouse technology, it can achieve multiple flowering, which is difficult for ordinary families to achieve.

2. flowering time

The florescence of Gardenia jasminoides is longer, from March to August may be flowering, flowering time is different, not uniform, fixed, after flowering, the flowering time of a single flower can last about 3-5 days, the flowering time of the whole plant can maintain a month.

Is it evergreen all the year round

Gardenia is an evergreen shrub or small arbor, so it can achieve evergreen all the year round, and its leaves will not turn yellow or fall in autumn and winter, so it has a relatively high ornamental value and can be kept at home.If the leaves turn yellow, it may be a problem with metabolism or maintenance methods.


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