Can Gardenia grow in the north, notice what conserve a factor?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Use acidic soil for rhododendrons. Use clay pots or ceramic pots for flower pots. Usually should maintain the soil moist state, remember to water too much, watering can use rainwater or tap water after drying. It should be placed in the sunny place at ordinary times, but it can not be exposed to the sun. Fertilizer should be applied once every 10 days in the growing season, and no fertilizer should be applied in winter. If the leaves turn black, it may be caused by improper watering or excessive fertilization.

1. can you raise it in the north?

Gardenia is a southern flower, which grows well in the southern region and is easy to maintain.Although gardenia can be raised in the north now, it is troublesome to maintain it, and it is not as good as that in the south.Gardenia this plant like wet environment, suitable for growth in alkaline soil, and like warm, too cold in winter will freeze to death, and the northern climate is relatively dry, water and soil are alkaline, winter climate is relatively cold, these with the growth habits of gardenia contrary, easy to cause acclimatization, leading to gardenia buy back can not open a few flowers, will yellow leaves, flowers, or even death.

2. What maintenance factors should be paid attention to

1, pay attention to water supply: Gardenia in the north conservation, must pay attention to good water supply, found that the soil is dry after the timely watering, can not make the pot soil too dry.Also ensure good air humidity, when the air is relatively dry, you can spray water to the leaves and the surrounding, through evaporation to improve humidity.Note that vinegar, lemonade, ferrous sulfate and so on can be dropped into the water to regulate the acidity and alkalinity of the soil.

2. Acidic soil: Provide acidic soil when potting, and mix with rotten leaf soil, rotten pine bark, etc.

3. Keep the temperature: In winter, keep the temperature well and move it indoors for maintenance in time.


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