How nany years can rhododendron seedlings blossom in, seedling prices

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It is very simple to drink water with roses. Prepare about five or six flowers and put them in a cup with boiling water. It should be noted that the water temperature, about 80 degrees of water temperature is the best, too high or too low will affect the nutrients contained in it, reduce the efficacy. In addition, when soaking in water, wolfberry, jujube and so on can be added according to their own taste, which can increase the taste and improve the nutritional value.

a few years can blossom

Rhododendrons are relatively easy to grow. If they are cut or grafted, they may bloom in the same year. Generally, they may have to wait for the next year or longer.If it is sowing propagation, the waiting time is longer, usually 4 or 5 years.If the maintenance is not good, the waiting time will be long.If you want it to bloom faster, you need to provide it with an adaptive growth environment.

2. Price

The price of Rhododendron seedlings will be affected by many factors, such as growth height, crown width and the number of purchases, so the price is also unequal.Generally speaking, the price of each seedling is between 0.3-2 yuan, but the price of each seedling is not very high.The better and higher the seedlings grow, the more expensive the price is, and some prices are between 6-12 yuan.

After buying azalea seedlings, do not rush to repot it, you need to put it in the shade of ventilation, about a week or so.If the leaves turn black or fall, it is likely to be caused by the lack of light and air during transportation.

3. Precautions

1. When planting, it should be noted that it is a shallow root plant, do not plant it too deep, as long as the soil can cover its roots.

2. After cultivation, it should be placed in a ventilated place to slow down the seedlings. During the period of slowing down the seedlings, it should be watered after the soil is dry.It takes 7-15 days to recover the seedlings, and attention should be paid to not fertilizing during the whole recovery.


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