Why rhododendron seedlings can not survive, when they can be exposed to the sun?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are three ways to get roses to bloom quickly. First, spray sugar water, with glucose, white sugar are OK, diluted spray on the bud, can promote faster flowering. Second, spraying auxin, which is usually very commonly used method, in the flower shop to buy auxin, according to the instructions can be used. Third, spray ethylene, dilute it with water and spray it on the bud, then cover it with thin plastic, so that it can be absorbed faster, and it will blossom soon.

1. why not live

1, soil discomfort: Rhododendron likes to grow in acidic soil, if the use of alkaline soil cultivation, it is certainly not planted alive.Use clean, acidic soil so that your chances of survival are higher.Before planting, disinfect the soil to avoid the occurrence of pathogens in the soil.

2. Damaged root system: The root system of some seedlings may be damaged before planting, and such seedlings are not easy to survive.When planting, the damaged root system can be properly pruned, and then disinfection and sterilization should be done well.

3. No seedling recovery: After planting the azalea seedling, it is necessary to put it in the shade to recover the seedling. If it sees the sun immediately after planting, or if it is fertilized, it will die.Moreover, excessive pressure on the soil during planting will cause the soil to be hard, which will also affect its recovery and growth.

2. When can I see the sun

Just after the cultivation of Rhododendron seedlings, it is not in a hurry to see the sun, it is necessary to wait for its slow seedlings, generally at least a week or so.After waiting for a week, you can see the sun slightly, but you can't bask in the sun for a long time, especially in summer.Must wait for it to take the basin completely, only then may the normal see the light.


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