Can jasmine be irrigated with water that clean rice, how to irrigate a flower to give birth to insect to do?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If the leaves of lilac are wilting due to insufficient light, they need to be placed in a well-lit place to meet the demand for light. If it is caused by lack of water, it is observed that the pot soil needs to be watered in time after drying, but it can not be watered too much at one time. If the basin soil is not comfortable, you can replace the basin soil inside to keep loose and breathable. If you do not pay attention to ventilation, you can pay attention to maintaining ventilation and promote normal air circulation.

1. whether it can be used

Jasmine can be watered with rice-washing water, but it should be fermented in advance. If it is not fermented, it cannot be used.Because jasmine flowers like acidic soil, rice washing water is acidic after fermentation, so it can be used to water jasmine.The right way can make it grow more vigorously and blossom better.In addition to watering jasmine, you can also water green radish, gardenia, fortune tree, camellia, Milan flower, osmanthus and azalea.

The role of rice-washing water is very great. It can help plants grow more vigorously, more flowers bloom, the color of flowers will be more bright, and the flowering period will be properly extended. The most important thing is that it can prevent the occurrence of yellowing disease.It is rich in phosphorus, which can promote the formation of flower buds and help flower bud differentiation after watering flowers.

2. what to do with worms

It is very common to use rice washing water, which can be expelled by pouring clean water, or spraying insecticides, or taking out the plants and exposing the soil to the sun.In fact, if you want to avoid insects when using rice washing water, you can add some orange peel to rice washing water, or use rice washing water after a few days.


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