Breeding methods and precautions of Lilium lancifolium

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil: If you plant Moringa oleifera seeds, you should choose the soil with fast seepage speed and good ventilation performance, sandy loam is the first choice. Moisture: its ability to withstand drought, adult plants can not need too much water, but in its seedling period to keep the soil moist. Nutrients: generally in its seedling period with the picking period with stove ash, compound fertilizer evenly sprayed in the soil, can provide nutrients. Illumination: It likes light, can give sufficient illumination, but cannot insolate.

1. Curing method

1. Substrate selection: fertile sandy loam soil with rich humus should be selected for raising Lilium lancifolium Thunb., too heavy clay soil is not suitable for Lilium lancifolium Thunb.Lilium lancifolium is not strict with the ecological environment, and has strong soil adaptability, and can grow in neutral and alkaline soil.

2. Illumination management: In modern greenhouses, horticultural high-pressure sodium lamps should be used. In summer, the high temperature should avoid strong direct sunlight. Generally, a shading net should be used for shading. Good ventilation and illumination should be maintained.

3, temperature management: that B growth temperature of the Lily is 15-25 deg C, and when the temperature is higher than 28 deg C, the growth of the Lily is hinder.If the temperature is higher than 33 C, the plant will die directly.

4. Moisture management: When giving moisture, it is usually in the morning on a sunny day. The humidity is about 80% -85%. Keep the soil moist. Do not water too much.

2. Breeding Skills

1, repotting: usually once a year, repotting time in October.When repotting, prepare the new soil to be clean, and turn the pot frequently during the growth period after repotting to prevent the plant from growing.

2. Plant division: At the beginning of plant division, take off the plant buds grown from the stems and leaves, and cultivate them carefully.

3. Diagnosis and Treatment of Problems

1. Rodent damage: Toxic baits can be put in when thawing in spring. Use 1 kg of 0.005% Bromadiolone bait per mu of land. Spread it on the ground. Put it in small doses for many times. The effect will be better.

2. Grubs: The occurrence of insect pests is harmful to their growth, so it is necessary to control them as soon as possible. The soil can be irrigated with 800-1000 times of 50% malathion or 1000 times of 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate for control.

4. Other Issues

1, can be planted: can be planted, have good ornamental value, suitable for the decoration of flower glasses, flower bed cultivation, is the choice of home potted very like ornamental flowers.

2. How long is the flowering period: July and August in summer is the flowering period. When in full bloom, the flowers are very beautiful, and there is an attractive fragrance. The flowering period of the Lily is very long, and it has ornamental value.

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